Sunday, October 25, 2009

Things Often Taken for Granted that Shouldn't

1. That there will be a tomorrow.

2. There will be another moment to say "I love you," "Thank You," "I appreciate and value having you in my life."

3. Nature's beauty and complexity.

4. Each person we encounter has a story that they need someone to listen to.

5. Our actions won't have negative consequences.

6. We can continue to take from the people in our lives without giving back.

7. We will continue to be forgiven for our "wrongs."

8. Entitlement to what we think we want.

9. The acquisition of "things," "titles" and "appearances" to validate ourselves without first seeking this from within.

10. Who we are will continue to be who we will become.

11. Our very existence.

12. The material things that we have acquired will continue to be there.

13. The relationships in our lives will always be there to fall back on.

14. There will still be time to do what we really want instead of what we have to.

15. That others will find us as interesting as we find ourselves.

16. That the pursuit of what we think we want will result in happiness.

17. That love can somehow overcome the boundaries and obligations that the world places upon us.

18. That we can continue to disguise and deny our true feelings in hope that someday we will get the chance to reveal them.

19. That the demands of life won't change us.

Copyright 2009 by H.E.A.

...More to come after a brief intermission into practicality

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