Thursday, November 5, 2009

You Might Have Encountered a Twin Soul If....

Digressing to a spirituality topic, the idea of twin souls has fascinated me since I was a teen. From the somewhat limited formal research I've done on the topic, it is the idea that the same soul physically manifests pieces of itself into separate individuals. Those pieces balance each other into "wholeness" as these individuals encounter each other, whether vicariously or in the dimension we experience as reality. They may even serve as a sort of "guide" to each other, helping them awaken to their purpose or discover a "missing piece" to themselves. They are essentially the same person in spirit. Call me crazy, but based upon two experiences so far, here's yet another list!

1. You come across this person through accidential discovery.

2. You are inexplicably drawn to this person, even if they are not currently travelling on the same path as you.

3. Your energy is on the same wavelength. Even if physically distant, you can read their thoughts, hopes, desires and/or think simultaneously. You may even have the same experience, such as insomnia, simultaneously.

4. Others tell you that you remind them of this person. Even if physically distinct, your "auras" resemble each other and/or are identical.

5. Your interests are almost, if not, identical.

6. Your life journey's main lesson and outcome/path is identical.

7. If physically separated, you return or rediscover each other through the same medium where you first crossed paths.

8. You "coincidently" have things in common, such as having resided in the same State, possessing similiar ideologies or lifestyle situations.

9. You reveal to each other either a hidden portion of yourself that you both will need for the next step in your respective journeys or you help develop that hidden potential in each other. These potentials are often seemingly opposite of each other. One's strength is the unrevealed potential of the other and vice versa.

10. You unintentionally guide each other towards your dual purpose.

11. You "know" or "intuit" things about this individual that are unspoken.

12. When you look at this person, you feel a sense of "home."

13. You are entranced by their presence.

14. You continue to find correlations between you, years after having crossed paths.

15. They are one of your main sources of inspiration.

16. Your thoughts about them and/or yourself become their reality.

17. Your astrological signs are within the same element triplicity.

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  1. Yes... it's a good list, but words cannot cover what "twin souls" (or "twin flames") truly are like-- this is a very long-time topic of interest to me...

    I feel blessed that this person is in my life... we have a couple of things we have said of ourselves; one, that "it is like looking into an opposite-gender mirror," the other that we are "perfectly the same, and perfectly different at the same time."

    I think one of the things almost all "twin soul" descriptions miss is the response of OTHERS. Well, maybe not all, but certainly all empaths/intuitives. People have randomly talked to us and called us "an amazing couple" or "incredibly connected."

    No. 16 is interesting to me... we have on occasion speculated that we "brought each other into existence." We also "dream in stereo," quite often...

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. I agree that words can't really describe the experience, but I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who explores this topic or has experienced it. I also don't think "twin souls" are limited to romantic connections, it can also occur with platonic relationships.