Saturday, January 9, 2010

Listening to Your Intuition

Intuition is more than just a characteristic of highly sensitive people. For us, it is a cornerstone of our existence. It is the way we interpret life, how we learn, how we can become visionaries and how we pick up on the unspoken. In my experience, intuition can go so far as to being able to sense the type of off-screen relationship two actors have simply by watching their on-screen performances together, as well as being able to pick up on aspects of their off-screen personalities. Intuition can decipher what or who is behind the masks that are often used to conceal a piece of reality that doesn't want to be revealed.

Intuition isn't based on logical fact gathering, making it difficult to trust. A feeling that instantly makes itself known by permeating the soul, shrouded in an ambiguous cloud of realization, can be amazing and uncomfortable to handle. It’s amazing in the sense that you simply know things, almost instantly, without knowing how or why; uncomfortable in the sense that you're not sure you should trust just a feeling that seems to come from within.

There were many times when I second guessed that gut feeling, especially when it came to life decisions, other individuals' characters, motivations and intentions. After all, we're taught that the most important decisions in life should be based on facts, figures, what appears to be true, what will benefit us the most financially, and what seems to be the most logical. For sensitives, though, I think this approach can be an elusive trap that ignores our ability to sense, rather than dissect the answer.

The answer that logic leads you to can be diametrically opposed with the one that intuition gives us. I'm certainly not advocating that either approach should be abandoned in favor of the other, however, it’s been my experience that if your intuition is telling you "no" when logic is saying "full speed ahead," you should stop and listen. Sometimes when you don't listen to intuition's "no," it has a funny way of magnifying that "no" the entire time you're living with the manifestation of that decision.

Intuition instantly permeates through the masks that people use in an attempt to conceal their authentic selves, perceptions, motivations and intentions. It also sees through the politics that are played, which can make those that have perfected the illusion of a political persona very uncomfortable around you. The ability to sense what and who's beneath the surface helps you discover what people are unwilling to disclose openly. Intuition senses the soul, that inner essence full of past history, present existence and future aspirations. It is invaluable in discerning who can be trusted, how someone really feels about you, what that person wants, as well as the potential the relationship holds.

The ability to tune into the information that collective consciousness can bring us is also a part of intuition. Some call it the voice within, but I believe that those sudden whispers of premonition and insight come from the spiritual realm. Psychic ability is a heightened form of intuition that we all have the potential to develop and tune into. The difference for highly sensitives is that this potential comes already built in. It is automatic, as natural as breathing when its intended use is to help others, or prepare ourselves for events we otherwise wouldn't be able to handle properly without forewarning.

We don't want to think that a feeling, a sense of what is, can be as accurate as an analytical trail of puzzle pieces forming themselves into a conclusion. There's no explanation for "just knowing" or a method of how you arrived at the answer. Many things in this universe are inexplicable, but one can't deny the awe of their existence. When we begin to trust and believe in what doesn't seem to make sense, what can't be physically touched, we realize that reality begins with the invisible.

It's what goes on behind the scenes that brings the show to life. Why should you deny its validity?


  1. Really awesome and insightful article. One of my favorites actually. I completely agree, and you bring up a lot of good points. I definitely can relate a lot of my own experiences to this.

  2. Thanks! Glad you enjoy it. It's kind of scary how lucid this post is since it was only one month after my concussion. As for the rest of this blog....well, we'll see.

  3. As a HSP, at times i've always felt that when feelings of a persons character that came out of nowhere were always false. i say this because i always thought that i was overreacting. because i would literally be living my life and then all of a sudden i get a feeling behind someones words or actions. My question to you is, is this my intuition or is it my HSP acting up and reading too far into it. and my other question would be, as HSP's how do we know when we are reading in too much on a certain subject or person? If you could email me at that would be great. any advice or tips would be GREATLY appreciated. i've learned to read subtleties but when it something or someone i like, i ALWAYS second guess it and either i end up looking like a fool or i miss my chance. :(

    1. I feel the same way.. Did you ever get a reply?

      Thx so much!

  4. It has taken 70 years of confusion and frustration to finally put a NAME to what has bothered me for a lifetime.thank you!It's like reading my own biography!!Now,where can I get help for this while having a very low income?desperately want to cope better!