Sunday, November 29, 2009

Unexplained Telepathic and Astral Encounters

In light of a few recent experiences, which have been fairly intense, I have begun researching lucid dreaming, OBE's (out of body experiences) and astral travel. My hope is that those who choose to read this will not think I'm crazy, because I myself don't really know how to make sense of it either. I think that those who have been aware of their HSP trait for longer than I have or those who have experienced something similar might begin to relate.

My personal experience is that part of being highly sensitive is that you are more open to and "in tune" with the paranormal. For me, that encompasses not only the energy of things that are invisible in the dimension we experience as reality, but also those things that cannot be explained by logic or reasoning. OBE's, feeling and hearing the presence of "spirits", being able to "tune into" the voice of Consciousness, premonitions, having vivid dreams, "waking" up during dreams and controlling parts of the experience, communicating with deceased loved ones in dreams and psychic dreams are nothing new to me. I've come to accept that as part of being "me", as these types of experiences have always been there in the background. I've just never choosen to use them to their full potential, it was a part of an "eccentric normalcy."

What I haven't experienced (until now) is a real time ESP or perhaps astral encounter with a potential twin soul/soulmate. I suppose it started with the realization that my vibrations were somehow tapped into theirs. I'm not sure how long our energy fields have been merged, or if it has always been that way. At times I'm successful at separating those vibrations, but it's never a permanent break. Regardless, my thoughts were focused on an image of this person imprinted in memory from one of the last in person conversations we had. Suddenly, I felt an intense wave of what could be described as passionate energy (for lack of a better word) come over my entire being. I wasn't in control of my own senses, of my own body's physical response. It was as if somebody else's energy was there. I could feel it, I was responding to it automatically, the way I might respond to an actual physical presence. The intensity of the experience was greater than that of something "real." There really aren't any explanations for it. Of course my entire experience with this person, from the start, has been one big "no explanation." It's been a journey of serendipity, coincidences, curiosity killed the cat, intuitive communication, soul dancing, unintentional rule breaking, separation, and pseudo reunions.

My question is, do potential twin souls or soulmates who are physically separated or must remain physically separated in this lifetime, gravitate towards finding other ways to "connect",with or without intent? Are these "connections" through lucid dreaming, astral projection and telpathic communications just another dimension of what's real? Or is it simply a manifestation of one person's mind, releasing the energy of things that go unfulfilled?


  1. I have been experiencing more shared dreams and energy merging lately as well. While this remains for me a relatively rare experience, it has happened with three different people (that I was able to positively confirm). I suspect that shared dreams are far more common, but that the filters of our waking consciousness tend to supress these phenomenea in defence of our assumptions about reality.
    I would be wary about taking such an experience as evidence that the dream sharing partner is your soul mate, although that thought has certainly crossed my mind each time I've had this kind of experience. The reason for this caution is that we are in a realm all too susceptible to wishful thinking and, perhaps more importantly, I can personally attest to instances where such experience has led me to conclude decisively that the other person must be my soul mate, and then found the other person to be quite incompatible with my waking self.
    Your questions make sense and you're not crazy. This is the liminal sideways part of reality that doesn't fit the dominant worldview.
    Thanks for sharing. Gets lonely sometimes.

  2. I have a twin, he came to earth five years after me. I encountered him once when I was working in a gift shop in an Aquarium in Alaska. I was 18, he was 13. He was with his family. That admittedly sounds Pedo-y. His immediate family was twins of my family. I'm hugely sceptical. I can't quite make sense of that, or to what extent people are "twins" and to what extent circumstance creates people. I have experienced much telepathy, it's definitely connected to empathy. Empathy as in feeling what another feels and thinks and wants and where they have been and what they struggled with, rather than the pedestrian definition of imagining what another feels. I don't know what to do with a lot of telepathic information, because you can't really call someone out on bullshit, because it's all extremely plausibly deniable. Culture likes science and objective mechanized understanding. Consciousness is consciousness--neither mechanistic nor objective. Not delusional--but our language is object oriented. Proof is not ever going to be objective. It has to be experienced. It's a fine line between credulousness, reality checking, certainty, doubt, and cultural ideas of what experience and humans and reality is. And then throw in religion and people having religious experiences, and delusion. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Frustrating.