Friday, April 23, 2010

Why Being an Empath is a Gift-Part Two

For a few months I've had an interesting exchange with an individual that I'll call "Butterfly." "Butterfly" or "B" for short and I seem to share quite a bit in common. I've known about "B" for some time, but I really didn't realize how similar we were until now. To be honest, when our interaction began, I didn't think anything of it. Nothing special, just another person saying "hi" and thanking me for my recent thoughtful and helpful contributions to the digital realm. Nonetheless, I enjoy mutual exchanges and getting to know those who wish to develop genuine relationships, even if it's just a virtual one. So, in my somewhat "too willing to trust at times" nature, I willingly reciprocated the connection. What I didn't know when the exchange began was that our common trait of sensitivity would help reveal that there was a little more going on then a simple "hi."

The thing about sensitivity is that it eventually senses what's really happening. This includes sensing right past facades and disguises. Sometimes that radar is instantly strong and at other times its signal is like a candle's flame. A small glow that keeps burning, enticing your attention away from the surrounding darkness. You could say that it has been like that between "B" and me. A slow and steady string of revelations with no real explanation.

Sensing what's behind the mask is something we should learn to trust. It certainly isn't easy since we often don't believe in ourselves enough to know that what we feel is more accurate than the chatter inside our minds. Besides, that non-HSP world is so willing to tell us that intuition and gut feelings aren't as credible or reliable as hard cold logic and its gazillion pages of researched facts and figures. Think of the time, money and resources spent to reveal to that eighty percent of the world what we sensitives simply "know."

Pretty amazing gift, I think. So amazing that when we learn to put our faith in what our heart feels as truth, we begin to validate the existence of what's kept hidden. The reasons for concealment are endless I'm sure, but without those who can see and focus on that small flicker in the darkness, the world would continue to operate in blindness. Facade and fabrication can only take you so far. The cover has to dissipate so that possibilities can be realized. The act of protecting and shielding simply deny what is. Privacy aside, acknowledging what's genuine is the difference between looking at an upside down map and an upright one.

As long as you can figure out where you are and where you want to go, you'll be able to see the numerous ways to get there. Kind of like "B" and me. An already solved mystery whose clues reveal their connection when the time is right.


  1. Right on! I'm still learning to accept my high sensitivity/empathy as real. Nice to know I'm not alone.

  2. Hey Virginia,

    Yes, it is quite the learning process, I'll admit! Good to hear from another writer! I'll have to check out your stuff. =)

  3. Being and empath is an incredible gift...though it has its discomforts at times, I wouldn't give it up for the world.

  4. would you turn your back if the only thing you got was negative engery? even when you were trying to sleep? what would you do then? you try and better yourself from the inside out,at what point would you consider it a curse insted of a gift? and all you get in return is everything but expected. anyone have any coments?

  5. That's a tough one. Part of empathy means that you will pick up negative as well as positive energy. I think that the reason why empaths pick up a lot of negative energy sometimes is because we tend to want to better things and so it's a way for us to be aware of what "needs help," so to speak. You can, from what I've read, learn to develop a "shield" to energy. I also agree that we don't usually get back what we give out or that it lives up to the level that we hoped for. However, I still wouldn't consider it as a curse. If you'd like some info on developing a "shield," feel free to e-mail or perhaps I could do a post on this.

  6. The reason we empaths (yes I am one) experience so much negative energy is that we are swimming in it all the time. People experience much more negative energy then positive energy/emotions.

    Something to make the pain go away:
    I have learned we can connect with desirable sensations we have previously experienced by focusing on the experiences we we associate with those sensations. By focusing on desired sensations, we can create the bio-chemical, physiological and neurological changes that create those sensations.

    We are still always going to be bombarded by emotions and other energies, and be overwhelmed at times (not to mention feeling physical pain and ailments -- ok that sucks!) But I too wouldn't give it up for the world.

    If all I could experience was negative emotions and painful energy? What a painful overwelming existence. On the up side, it would still serve as a warning, and indication something isn't good, healthy, etc.

    I say tear me apart! I want to feel everything! Life is too short to be numb and fearful of what we experience. Sensing energies and emotions from people, animals, places, etc. is a very sensual experience, that validates many spiritual beliefs.

    A small percentage of humans have inate, abilities to know the emotions and often thoughts of others, and instinctively respond with compassion (empath standard issue: excess compassion). What an amazing thing, to be one of those endowed with the most remarkable ability to facilitate change within another person. Hell yes, I am honored to be an empath.

    I'd love to hear from empaths on a spiritual path.

    Michael Lloyd

  7. Being an empath is amazing. Even if you sense sadness you'll always sense a ten-fold greater happiness and joy later. I'm surprised at the fact that I am an empath albeit a weak one because I am only 12. I've been an empath since about 7 and sense then have gotten much better at controlling my abilities as an empath.