Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What A Five Dollar Fortune Could Buy

On Highway 34 there's a house that sits near the road. It resembles one of those white, picturesque, Southern front porch homes you see in the movies. Like in Steel Magnolias or one about a young girl who grew up living a sheltered, "down home" life and is embarking on a journey of self-discovery while learning how to fly away from her roots. Now, before you think of sipping jars of fresh squeezed lemonade while watching the sunset intermingle with dancing fireflies, I must mention that there is a huge homemade sign staked out in the front yard. That sign reads, "Psychic Readings....$5.00." There's even one of those neon light signs in the window that states the same. It's kind of cute, really.

Most of the time I just smile when I pass it. Other times I wonder if I should stop in. Just out of curiosity, I'd love to hear what five dollars could tell me about my past, present or future. Yes, I know as an HSP I really shouldn't make light about this topic, but for some reason this house and its signs amuses me. Five dollars doesn't seem like too much of a risk to get some clairvoyant advice that could potentially save you from making a wrong turn or two, right?? What's the harm?

Well, when a sensitive pays another to guide them it's kind of going beyond the whole "peer support" concept if you ask me. Especially at such a bargain basement price. But, for argument's sake, let's just say this "psychic" behind the sign is Sylvia Brown's cousin. She's good, real good. And today she's about to reveal more than you could ever reveal to yourself. Today she's about to show you just what a five dollar fortune can buy:

1. The only sure road you can follow is the one your heart sees.

2. Chances and opportunities that "fall into your lap" are meant to be taken, as long as they make sense and "feel right."

3. You already know who you are meant to become. The hard part is allowing yourself to take the journey.

4. If you didn't ace the lesson the first time, you'll get a second, third and fourth chance.

5. The only moment you truly can know is now. Find some way to enjoy and embrace it.

6. When in doubt, look at a picture of your former self and remember what you knew then.

7. The future can only be determined by a mixture of today's thoughts, today's actions and unspoken destiny. The unspoken begins to whisper when your ears become still enough to listen.

8. What we wish to have is often already within us.

9. Appreciation and abundance begin upon a foundation of bare invisibility.

10. A guide can only reveal what already is. You can choose to follow the directions or find a way to re-write the script.

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