Saturday, February 13, 2010

As an HSP, I've Promised Myself.....

1. To explore what my heart draws me to, even if it seemingly goes against what I was taught by others or I previously thought I believed.

2. To have "do-nothing" days in order to recuperate. I will not allow myself to feel guilty for rejuvenating both my body and my spirit.

3. To no longer question my intuition or my paranormal/psychic experiences.

4. To not allow someone else's perception to make me feel out of place and incapable.

5. To take the time to nourish my mind with knowledge, my body with physical activity and my spirit with meditation.

6. To stop trying to please everyone but myself.

7. To not allow the emotions of others to become mine.

8. To live out my passions and truly feel the joy of existence.

9. To help others realize their potential, whenever possible.

10. To no longer question suffering or become ridden with anxiety because of it. The reason(s) for its occurrence will reveal itself when it is time to use the wisdom gained or when it leads me to the path I was meant to travel.

11. To allow my inner light to become visible to others.

12. To not overextend myself to the point where stress prevents me from enjoying any aspect of my life.

13. To appreciate my unique talents and recognize them as such, so that I may begin sharing them with those that need their message.

14. To seek out fellowship and relationships with other sensitives so that I may better understand myself while helping them do the same.

15. To learn to recognize when I am being self-destructive, take the time to figure out why, and come up with a self-enhancing alternative.

16. To let go of who I was and embrace whom I'm becoming.

17. To not pretend to be something I'm not in order to feel like I belong.

18. To communicate, with discern, to understanding non-HSPs about the aspects of the trait that will affect our relationship.

19. To believe that the manifestation of my imagination and dreams can and will happen.

20. To actually let go of what and who is no longer congruent with my metamorphoses.


  1. Thank you for this validating list :)

  2. You are more than welcome. Glad you find validation in it. =)