Friday, February 5, 2010

10 Signs You're Not Pursuing Your Calling

A little humor for a "Fabulous Fruitini" Friday.....

1. You've "coined a name" for your job after a popular daytime drama and it's not because you're trying to be funny or cute about it.

2. You've stopped shopping for groceries because you are living off the expired product you've pulled from your own sales territory and all the "freebies" you get from fellow vendors and sales reps. This is not food that "does a body good."

3. It's 6 am and you're still driving down I-25 to get to the distribution center. You should've been there at least thirty minutes to an hour ago, but you really don't care; you're still singing along to whatever CD you have on in your car.

4. You no longer listen to all the messages on your company voicemail. When you do bother to check it, the fast forward and delete option has become your new best friend.

5. You begin to think that the company would be doing you a favor if they let you go.

6. The main reason you even show up is to vicariously experience all your customers' drama and quirkiness. You can't wait to hear the latest gossip or life story. Most of the time it's even better than watching General Hospital or Days of Our Lives (see #1).

7. You continuously get stares and hear bad pick-up lines/compliments from random strange men while out and about in your market. And no, you're not even "prissed up" or looking close to cute.

8. You have to sleep most of the weekend away just to kind of recover from the sixty odd hours you put in during the week.

9. Your friends, family, and even your dog, no longer think you exist (see #8).

10. You find out that those not running the company are more competent than those who are.

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