Monday, February 15, 2010

10 Signs You're Getting Ready to Pursue Your Calling

1. You research and request information from several graduate level professional writing programs in the city you've seen yourself living in since you were thirteen.

2. You spend most of your workday smiling because you know that you're about to make a change you should've years ago.

3. You remember you have to register and prepare to take your GRE since liberal arts programs don't care about your GMAT scores.

4. You begin to research potential neighborhoods in the city that will hopefully be your new home.

5. You begin to research potential jobs and companies in your target city that will hire a recently minted disillusioned MBA, so you can still pay the bills while honing your craft.

6. You contemplate whether trying to sell your home or rent it out until the market improves would be the best option.

7. You have an inexplicable gut feeling that your plans, goals and dreams concerning this change are going to turn out in your favor, somehow.

8. You haven't told your family yet about what you're doing or about your plans because you don't want any negative energy to affect your final decision.

9. You suddenly realize there's probably a reason why you've lived in your new house in CO for over a year, but still have the majority of your stuff in boxes.

10. For your next vacation, you book that trip to L.A. to explore #1, #4 and #5 in person. For the second half, you book that trip back to your second home, so you can explain everything to your significant other in person, hoping that he will understand.

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