Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today's Creative Inspirations and Musings

HSP's tend to be fascinated with relationships, feelings, romantic mush and just plain sentimental "stuff." No, we're not one hundred percent "pink fluffy bunnies." In fact, we can be some of the biggest jerks you've ever known when we're stressed out, but inside we're just a big ball of tear jerking commercials. At least this is what I've observed about myself and a few others who have identified themselves as HSPs. It goes without saying that somehow, yes somehow, this must justify my twenty year long "love affair" with daytime dramas. After all, the gist of the genre, despite some 21st century "pimping up", is love and relationships.

Yes, I started watching the genre back when I was only 13 out of curiosity. Come to think of it, I seem to stumble onto quite a few good things because of my friend, curiosity. Gets me in trouble too, but what would life be without a little awkward spiciness.....

Over the past few days I've been revisiting my favorite daytime duo, "John, formerly known as Roman" and "Isabella" from the early '90's era Days of Our Lives. These two only had a three year run, but in those three years they transcended the personalities of their portrayers, showed us how love endures, how to laugh at each other, how certain things go unspoken, how love overcomes even death, how to dance, and most of all, how to make the most of each and every moment time gives us. In particular, the character of "Isabella", (and her portrayer, one of my favorite former Coloradoans) has provided me with a great source of inspiration over the years. One great thing about fantasy and a creative muse is that you can return to it whenever you need to.

As I've been moving forward in my latest writing endeavor, reflecting on the experiences that writers often use as a springboard into elaboration, I've rediscovered some scenes between these two that have suddenly jumped off the screen. The relationship between the two has been suddenly halted by the return of a presumed dead ex-wife, and they find themselves struggling with the fact that they are still drawn to each other but are unable to fully express and act upon their feelings. They share one of those strained, yet tender moments, where the unspoken not only communicates louder than the words, but around them.

Reflection upon a real life experience that a fabricated one suddenly reminds us of, can reveal more than we were comfortable dealing with at the time. It can provide us with the answers that we need to come to terms with what was. It can reveal those things that our intuition picked up, but our mind quickly filed away under "process later." It can show us how sometimes art does indeed imitate life and how we can use that imitation to create yet another piece of those wonderful escapes that can teach us more than the real thing. It can give new meaning to an old memory that'll provide us with warm smiles for the years ahead.

Last, but certainly not least, it can make us realize that we don't always have to reinvent reality.

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