Friday, September 24, 2010

Today's Rants and Ravings

I have a rebellious streak.  I'm kind of ornery.  I sometimes like to do and say things that are a little off-the-wall just to see what kind of reactions I'll get.  These "flaws," if you want to view them as such, I will openly admit to.  But, as long as I'm not doing anything grossly offensive or hurting someone else, then I think I should be allowed to fully express myself.  Personally, I don't view the aforementioned "character traits" as flaws at all.  I think they're part of being a creative person and they can bring a little fun and mischief into an otherwise dull atmosphere.  I realize that this is up for debate, of course.  Especially if you're one of those uptight lil' vanilla's occupying the halls of my company's distribution center.

I, being a lover of literature, words, language and poetry, among other creations, don't see anything wrong with quoting a few phrased lines from a lovely writer.  Now, I know I have most of my co-workers shaking their heads trying to figure out what "SLM" means on all the notes that I write.  Since I come up with nicknames for everyone, I figured I might as well give myself one too.  No, "M," it doesn't stand for "Sexy Lil' Mama," but I might have to consider trading out the "Sassy" with your suggestion.  I mean, after all, the rumor is that I'm really a lesbian, which I find to be hysterical.  Maybe I should start putting photos of my fake girlfriend on the walls of the bulletin boards in the break room downstairs. 

Is it wrong to try to loosen up a stale, dull, "let's not crack a smile," "do nothing but complain," and "ignore each other" environment?  Are you not the same company who preaches tolerance, diversity and inclusion, and "we have to make sure everyone feels like they can be themselves?"  Hmm, I guess diversity and inclusion doesn't include right-brained, artsy, creative, expressive, highly sensitive, introverted, and loose, rainbowed folks.

We couldn't possibly have someone poke a little fun at what we know to be true now could we?  We couldn't possibly let someone use a quote to express their need for freedom, even if it isn't out of line.  Oh, but maybe the mere mention of the word "wild" is a little too much for someone who has probably never even considered that there are some of us who don't want to be told how to think or feel.  Let's silence the voices and expressions of some of our employees who aren't staying within the lines of our cookie cutter molding. 

Because lord knows that we, stuck up in our little world of vanilla, colorless walls, don't know the first thing about having a free and cherished existence.

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