Friday, September 17, 2010

That Means You're Sensitive

"That means you're sensitive" is really a simple string of words.  A string of words that could be interpreted as either positive or negative.  "Sensitive"-a really simple word that can mean so many things.

A lot of us are aware of the negative connotations and the stigma associated with the label.  I mean, do we really have to go there and explore the societal image of ourselves?  I hope not.  At least, I hope that most sensitives come to a place of understanding about themselves where they feel empowered by the trait, rather than a sense of shame or inadequacy. 

While the word sensitive is simple, being one is certainly not.  Everything means something, everything is felt deeply, and a lot of boundaries and shields that others have don't seem to exist in our DNA.  But, would you give it up?  If you could somehow change things, would you?  Would you want to live life as a non-sensitive?

That would mean that you would have to give up a few things.  A few things that I think are quintessential to bringing a sense of light and balance into the universe.  One of the most important is that we sense what's beneath the surface, even if we don't always acknowledge it.  Intuition can be tricky after all.  It speaks in metaphors that we have to interpret and piece together.  Believe me, the last few impressions I received weren't all that clear until they were elaborated on by their sender.  Such a disappointment too, because I really was on a dead hit interpretation roll there for awhile.  Maybe my psychic shield was a little too active that week or something.  Trying to work 50 hours and complete a thesis class can make you concentrate too much on visible reality.  My apologies to the sender.   

Regardless of the strength of our individual intuitive abilities, without sensitivity, who would empathize with complete strangers?  Who would attempt to generate peace and understanding where there seems to only be conflict, anger, and destruction?  Who would create magic?  Who would foster imagination?  Who would notice synchronicity and act on it?  Who would recognize a soul mate within the eyes and help guide them towards their current life's purpose?  Who would help others overcome their inner obstacles without a second thought?  Who would attempt to change the world into something more than it ever thought it could be?

Being sensitive is a responsibility because it is an innate talent, not a weakness.  We are called to do what others won't and what others don't see as the more important things in life.  You could sum it up in another simple string of words-making a difference. 

We don't always get a medal for it or a tangible sign of validation.  But that's not why we do it.  We strive to make a difference because being sensitive means that you simply see no other choice.       


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  1. I read this and feel flooded with each word. Finally reading something that makes sense to the sensitive heart. Important to embrace what in fact is a gift rather than a burden. Thank you!