Saturday, March 13, 2010

Voices of Silence

Within stillness is the whisper of validation.

Within the unspoken are the loudest voices you will ever need to listen to.

When you silence your own voice, you give validation to those who would gladly do it for you.

The voices of spirituality, intuition, and those of our own thoughts and feelings that we choose not to vocalize all reside within silence. These voices are beneath an audible range, but they still speak. The ability to hear them, I believe, comes naturally. Some say it can be learned. Some say it comes from a combination of innate characteristics and the study of technique. Disagree, if you must, but in the end all the technique in the world won't make up for the lack of passion and authenticity that comes from one's true character.

Spiritual voices are those that come in whispers. Most of the time, we don't intentionally seek them. They come to us in a sudden flash, overtaking us for a brief second or two. They tell us what we need to know. They tell us what we've already known in another realm, in another life, or at another point along our current journey. With their guidance, we learn that our existence has reason. They are the voices from who we always were and from those we've always known. They speak in silence so that we'll recognize their truth.

The voice of intuition is the one that speaks to us through feeling. Words don't always accompany its music at first. There are times when intuition introduces itself as a bunch of notes, eventually co-mingling with the lyrics that get more profound if we stop listening. Intuition is the voice that is always present, whether or not you validate its existence. It is the voice that reveals what you should know, but don't quite want to acknowledge yet. Intuition tells you what is real, but is often hidden. Its secrets are meant to help you reveal the truth to yourself. Intuition speaks in silence because it comes from within.

There are many things that we would like to say, but don't. There are things that we say, but then take back, in an attempt to say that those words never existed. We censor what we really think, what we really feel, because we are afraid that someone else will think less of us. We don't speak up because we are afraid of how our words might cause someone in a position of authority to retaliate against us. Sometimes we attempt to erase or hide our internal truths because we don't want a negative reaction. We'd rather go on living in an illusion because something in its fabric is more important than the aftermath of honesty. Funny thing is, honesty always reveals itself eventually, so why wait.

These are the voices that we don't express publicly, sometimes not even privately. These are the voices that continue to speak in subtle manifestations because we've let someone else's opinion determine what should be the truth. These are the voices that go unheard because we allow them to. These are the voices that remain in silence because someone is unwilling to say that the illusion is nothing more than what it appears to be.

An illusion speaks to silence out what is real. What is real becomes so buried that it doesn't even recognize its own existence. The line between the two becomes so blurred that we begin to believe that the fabrication is indeed the truth.

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