Thursday, January 21, 2010

20 Reasons Why It's Great To Be An HSP-Part One

1. You'll never be the one in the meeting or classroom who's asking all the annoying questions.

2. A sunset is never just a sunset, a flower is an intricate delicacy to be discovered, and the oceans, mountains, clouds and sky are powerful voices of Consciousness.

3. You're the one your friends and a lot of strangers gravitate towards when they just need someone to listen and show them a pair of understanding eyes. (You get to vicariously learn a lot about life without having to take that bartending gig.)

4. You'll make leaps and bounds while everyone else isn't looking. Before they know what's happened, they'll find themselves brushing off the dust you left behind.

5. Others will wonder why you're so "serious." They'll find you "hard to read." In other words, you'll be mysterious and alluring. (This can be an advantage if you're single.)

6. You're able to communicate with animals. You pick up on their nonverbal cues and sense the condition of their spirits. Plus, even the "mean" ones usually like you.

7. You get to fly, see and do all kinds of fun, amazing stuff in your dreams. And for those advanced astral travelers, you get to meet, experience and have conversations with your soulmates, twin soul and spirit guides without having to pay the cost of airfare. Sometimes you even find out you've travelled through time.

8. You get to receive and send messages between yourself and loved ones who have passed.

9. You get to know someone just by being around their energy. Again, no need to ask twenty questions.

10. Did I mention the telepathic romantic encounters? Mmm, enough said.

11. You have an inner voice that has all the answers, when you take the time to find the stillness to listen to it.

12. You receive random premonitions from Consciousness.

13. You can tell when a house is haunted by dark spirits. Guess we can tell the realtor to cross that one off the list!

14. You can sense someone else's emotions and what might have caused them without them saying a word. You can often use that inner knowledge to start a conversation that can make them feel better or turn their day around.

15. You're passionate. Everything becomes alive and full of color when you're around.

16. You get to witness the premonitions of your former self come to life. Believe me, this is pretty neat.

17. Other people think you're a genius when they hear you talk about your thoughts or see samples of your writing.

18. Others gravitate towards you for help. The opportunities to make a difference are endless.

19. You're creative, a visionary, and a pioneer. That means that someday you'll either be rich, famous or both, even if your physical form isn't still around.

20. You teach others about pieces of themselves they otherwise wouldn't have known. You're a mentor; others learn a lot in your presence.

*Yes, I have a sense of humor. Yes, it's a sarcastic, witty one at times. Please do not treat this list as all inclusive or necessarily valid. But, then again, perhaps it just is. =)


  1. Hey Helen! Wow, I'm happy to have found your blog... It is sooo familiar, but you really give me new insights too - thank you so much for that. My daughter is HSP too, will show her your blog - it is so imprtant that we acknowledge ourselves for what we are and not focus on what we are not...

  2. I really enjoy your writing and your great sense of humor. It's refreshing and helps lighten the sometimes overwhelming load of us HSPs. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks guys! It is important that we don't hide who we are and try to be something that we're not. Yes, sometimes my sense of humor gets the best of me, though. I'm glad you enjoy it. =)