Wednesday, January 4, 2012

She Decided

She decided that this new world was as corrupt as the one she left
And that she was going to create her own

No more hiding behind safety nets
of academia
and snobbery
that sought to discount the validity
of a simple breath
of just knowing
without analyzation
and justifications
for what makes something "right"
and what makes something "wrong"

No more labels
or bottles of sleeping pills
to calm the uneasiness
the endless mind chatter
the endless seeking
for something that only wants to fly

No more pressure
No more deadlines
No more revisions
until nothing exists but a pile of shredded nothings
No more whys or hows or "this is who you should be"

When all she wanted
was to lay her towel down on the sand
and hear the waves of the ocean
sparkle in the sunlight
and make the words dance
until everything faded
into something more than what it was
into something more than what it could be
without knowing
without articulation
without longing
for something
that was only meant to be


  1. Very nice! I can certainly identify with this sentiment. Cheers for the unfettered mind!

  2. Thanks Carole! This sentiment and conclusion shouldn't surprise me. I've always been an independent spirit and usually end up resenting attempts to "mold me" into "something." Oh, well. Finishing up the semester and then on to the rest of life!

  3. I wish those who try to mold others would consider that there is nothing wrong with the people they are trying to mold. I am a great fan of challenging the molders. I almost consider it a sacred duty to introduce them to their own creativity.