Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Loving What Is

I think it is funny how we humans always seem to be longing for what we don't currently have or see before our eyes. Tonight I logged into Facebook and decided to actually attempt to scroll through some of those 300+ updates I receive on a daily basis. I've got a mixture of "friends" on there-some I knew in high school, some from my list of jobs over the years, some are friends of the family, some are fellow HSPs I've "met" online, some are just random people who share similar interests, and some of them are actual close friends whom I'm extremely grateful for.

Now quite a few of these people live in Colorado and we've been experiencing some "spring" like weather, if you can call it that. Mid 50's to 60's in the middle of December isn't unheard of out here, but a lot of folks don't like it. They'd rather see snow, cold, ice, and a little touch of "Christmas Wonderland." I can understand, sort of. Back in the 80's and early 90's Colorado used to get a lot more snow on the plains during the winter months, and now it's haphazard at best. I understand that's one of the reasons why people live here-they like the snow and everything that comes with it.

I, on the other hand, am enjoying this warm touch of "springtime." To me it seems silly not to. The snow will come and when it does we'll all be complaining for it to hurry up and melt. The majority of us will anyway. The majority of us that have to actually get up and drive around in the crap while we silently say "hail mary's" or whatever in hopes that we don't get into an accident.

I'm enjoying what is because I know that it doesn't last. I'd rather enjoy the good in today than worry about what I might be missing. I think if you do that then you actually miss what the universe is trying to give you-its momentary beauty that you're a part of.

Each morning I still witness the sunrise. I've been witnessing it now for a little over seven years, give or take a few "slept-in" mornings here and there. I'm not what you would call a "morning person" by any means, but I'm always glad I'm awake to see what can only be duplicated on the canvass of life. Not only is the light against the sky, the clouds, and sometimes a mountain range or a stretch of sand different each time, but it stops you in your tracks. Its vision makes you take a moment to be filled with the warm feeling of gratitude that something miraculous still exists.

Moments like these make you stop and just be. They can take your breath away, often leave you speechless, bring a smile to your lips. These are the type of moments that make you realize that life isn't about what you are but who you are.

Worrying about what will be or what isn't is senseless. I've found that tomorrow usually takes care of itself, unfolding in a mixture of our choices, circumstance, and a little touch of magic we can't quite explain. Somewhere, where time doesn't exist, we know different. What was will be again, what is will be what was, and what is to be has already been.

The true challenge is to love what is. Some say it's because it's not coming back. Others say it's because you never know when it might be the end. But I like to think it's because we're still learning to believe and embrace the whispers of who we are rather than the outer shell that shouts what could be.

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