Wednesday, December 30, 2009


A number of individuals take time at the end of each year to decide what they would like to accomplish in the upcoming one. I can't say that I typically do this with intent. I usually go about it with a vague idea of what I would like to change and work on it in a rather unstructured, big-picture manner. As the end of this year comes to a close and the next one comes upon us, I'm doing something a little different. Rather than coming up with a list of the so-called "improvements" I would like to undertake, I'm compiling a list of the current year's moments, actions and discoveries that have brought me to who I am at this point in time.

In order to look towards where we want to go, we first need to take time to examine where we've been. There are times when we seek out a piece of our past that we were fond of and discover that it has become our present. These epiphanies sneak in between the nostalgic reminiscing and the fondness of remembrance, coming over us in a rush of realization that sometimes we do indeed become our former inspirations. We can suddenly realize that the lyrics to a song we used to love perfectly describe the way our present situation has come to be. The previous version of our self related to it only through association, but we now fully realize its true meaning because we are living those lyrics verbatim. A fabricated character we used to adore can re-manifest pieces of their personality within us. A past influence can reappear down the road, showing us that our authentic self was known before we awoke to it.

Whenever epiphanies occur, they make us see what we either couldn't or chose not to. They often make us come to a screeching halt, give us the courage to take an unpredictable risk, or just simply realize that we have exactly what we need. Here are my favorite epiphanies of 2009:

Allowing yourself to be who you are is more important than trying to become who you think you want to be.

It is never too late to start walking towards an old dream.

It is okay if not everyone understands you or likes you. What matters is that you understand and like yourself.

You have the right to stand up for yourself and your perspectives.

Never apologize for being who you are.

There are never failures. There are just times when we need to be forced to take the road to our true destiny.

With some situations (and people), the best alternative is to let go and move on rather than digging in your heels and attempting to save the world.

The freedom to take time for yourself, your loved ones, your passions and creating meaning for others is more valuable than any amount of money you'll make.

Intuition should never be overruled by what appears to be safe and practical.

Never allow someone else's opinion to define who you are, influence your self worth or cause you to choose something you wouldn't otherwise.

Reinventing yourself is a part of progress and should be embraced.

Choose to spend your time and energy on what you have the power to change. Allow yourself to accept what you cannot.

Chances should always be taken and what's currently in the shadows should always be brought into the light.

"Can't" should be erased from your mindset.

Endings are beginnings in disguise.

Love has the power to overcome boundaries and never extinguishes its flame.

Talents are the gifts that you allow yourself to express.

The intangible is more profound than what can be explained.

What wasn't meant to be lost always returns.

Life is meant to be danced with.

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